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LGBTQIA+ Affirmative Care

Our LGBTQIA+ Affirmative Care includes care for the whole sexuality and gender spectrum. We see the entire spectrum of queer identities as valid and worthy of specialized, well informed support.

Wherever you are in your coming out process (from closeted to out for decades), we offer the space to continue to explore your identity and explore how your identity impacts how you experience the world around you.

Experiences within this continuum may include:


  • Sexuality and gender identity exploration, including unpacking your internal sense of who you are, who you love, and how you present yourself to the world

  • Identifying all the factors keeping you closeted, including queerphobic members in your community, any shame and guilt associated with your queer identity

  • Creating a personalized plan on how to come out to your loved ones and communities and processing the coming out process

  • Deprogramming shame and negative core beliefs associated with anti-queer teachings from your upbringing, religious or otherwise

  • Gaining understanding of how living in a queerphobic world has impacted you

  • Unpacking how you show up in your monogamous or ethically non-monogamous / poly relationships after your past trauma and challenges

  • Exploring what you need in order to live a life that is queer-affirmative and supportive of your identity


Our LGBTQIA+ affirmative care is social justice oriented and inclusive of all the pieces of your unique intersectionality. We offer the space to explore not just how your LGBTQIA+ identity has impacted you, but also your other factors such as religion, race/ethnicity, ability/disability experience, cultural experience, and many more have come together with your queer identity to shape who you are and how your mental health is today.


For those seeking gender affirmative care, care also can include referrals to medical resources for gender health care (Hormone Replacement Therapy, Hormone Blockers, Gender Affirmation Surgeries, etc). We provide letters to those who are in individual therapy services, and the letters are included in the price of an individual therapy session. In order to provide letters that are more accurate and written from a deeper understanding, we prefer to provide letters to those who have been doing individual therapy with us for at least a few months. 


Some of you who make it to this page may be the loved ones of those in the LGBTQIA+ community. Having supportive and affirmative loved ones and communities in a queer person’s life can make drastic positive impacts on the queer person’s mental health and overall wellbeing. For that, we also support the family members and loved ones of queer individuals. In both individual and family therapy, together we can explore:

  • Your initial challenging reaction to finding out your loved one identifies as LGBTQIA+, and what to do next

  • The factors in your own life that have lead you to believe what you do about queer identities, and how to deprogram the beliefs that would drive a wedge between you and your love one

  • Gaining more understanding into your loved one’s triggers related to their queer identity

  • Improving your level of allyship so your loved one can perceive themselves as being loved, supported, and seen by you

  • Your worries about your loved one’s gender transition, including reservations about certain gender affirming care procedures


Whether you’re queer yourself or here to better support your loved one, we’re happy you are here. At the end of the day, we would love to see a world where the LGBTQIA+ community can live freely without discrimination, being used as political pawns, or being seen as less than. In the mean time, we’re here to unpack how your queer identity or your loved one’s queer identity can be supported in the best way possible.

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