Treatment Specialties

We all need a safe space to talk about our experiences, such as those that fall into the categories below.


We provide a safe and accepting space for healing and empowerment.

Teen and Young Adult Concerns


Teen and young adult concerns may include those specialties listed below (trauma, substance use, legal system experience, LGBTQ+ related concerns), but can also include feeling confused about your identity, issues with peers or friends, school issues, difficulty taking on responsibility, strong emotional responses, difficulty communicating needs, balancing independence and youth. We use a strengths based and casual approach to working with teens and adults where they can authentically express themselves.

Effects of Trauma


Trauma is anything that overwhelms the mind and body's natural ability to cope. Trauma can include internal reactions to: physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, physical and emotional neglect, disasters, relational issues, loss and much more. Some symptoms of trauma include hypervigilance, difficulty paying attention, difficulty staying present, nightmares, insomnia, intrusive thoughts, appetite changes, avoidance of reminders of the trauma, dissociation, behaviors to avoid staying present like substance use. Those with trauma histories can also experience depression, anxiety, and risky behaviors. In working with us, you can work on healing from your past trauma and alleviate the other symptoms associated with it. 

LGBTQIA+ Affirmative Care

We provide LGBTQIA+ affirmative care for sexuality and gender related stressors, including:

Exploring Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Overcoming Social Barriers To Authentic Identity Expression

Navigating Social and Medical Transitions

Substance Use

We recognize substance use as a symptom of depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, grief, anger, and needs not being sufficiently met. We seek to get to the root of a person's substance use and develop healthier methods for coping so that substance use no longer needs to be the go-to tool for coping.


Legal System Experience 

We serve both teens and adults that have experience with the legal system, and those who are at risk for getting involved with the legal system. Similar to substance use, we recognize "criminal behavior" as a symptom of trauma, depression, anxiety, stress, racism and profiling, and needs not being sufficiently met. We seek to find ways to meet a person's needs in a way that does not put their freedom at risk.