Our Services

Individual Therapy 

Individual Therapy is appropriate for ages 5+ and can be booked with both GNEC therapists. Individual therapy is a safe space for you to process and gain perspective on both current life events and events from your past, develop a “toolbox” of coping skills, learn communication skills, enhance your self esteem and your strengths, develop healthier mindsets, develop strategies to achieve and maintain sobriety, and become more assertive in taking care of your needs. If you as a caregiver would like to learn more effective parenting strategies for your individual child and have sessions focused on discussing your child, you can book a parent session, which is differentiated from individual therapy on our booking tool. Working on all of these skills can be achieved through traditional talk therapy, art therapy exercises, play therapy exercises, psycho-education sessions, and other activities as needed! 

Family Therapy

Family Therapy is appropriate for all ages, and can be booked as the primary service or a supplementary service to individual therapy to better support the individual client. For children and teens that are individual therapy clients, Family therapy is highly recommended as a regular part of services. Family therapy is an opportunity to better understand the people in your life, actively learn how to communicate more effectively, learn more effective parenting strategies for your individual child, and identify your strengths as a family. 

Equine Assisted Life Coaching

Equine Assisted Life Coaching is available for ages 18+ and is a supplemental service to individual or family therapy. Are you interested in a unique healing experience on an ocean view ranch in Malibu? Equine Assisted Life Coaching holds a variety of opportunities in connecting with your inner child, your inner playfulness and innocence, increasing your own self awareness, and learning to enhance your communication in relationships through working with the horses. Equine Assisted Life Coaching is a great therapeutic activity for those who have low self esteem, have relationship issues, have difficulty communicating how they are feeling, have been engaging in substance use, or are interested in connecting to animals and nature as a coping skill. Sessions can be for individuals or for families. The additional fee for Equine Assisted Life Coaching goes directly to horse care and horse supplies for Connemara Ranch.

Note: Closed toed shoes and long pants required. Some combination of sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat and protective clothing (lightweight long sleeve shirt for warmer months) are suggested. Please bring any water or snacks for yourself that you may need. Previous experience with horses not required. Equine Assisted Life Coaching is not a trail ride experience, but trail rides can be booked with Talley at Connemara Ranch directly. Availability depends on ranch schedule and sessions will be canceled during rain or other unsuitable conditions. Please expect to get a little dirty and dress in clothing that you can be active in. Additional liability releases will be signed at the ranch. For those younger than 18 that wish to have equine therapy, we have a referral available. 


Open to all California Residents! 

Phone and video sessions are a convenient way to connect to us for mental health services from the comfort of your own home or while you are traveling, while still providing many of the same benefits as face to face services. While Telehealth is a great service, keep in mind that it is not always appropriate for crisis cases, such as for clients who are actively suicidal. Reach out for a consult to see if Telehealth services are a good fit for your needs. 

LGBTQ+ Teen Support Group 

Our LGBTQ+ teen support group focuses on exploring queer identity, coping with stigma around queer identity, navigating the coming out process, how to communicate effectively about aspects of identity with loved ones, how to navigate safety concerns, and more.

Please reach out for information regarding pricing and schedule, and to reserve your spot!  

Service Fees 

Individual Sessions: $180 Per 50 Minute Session

Office Based and Telehealth Sessions

Group Therapy: $30 Per 90 Minute Session

Equine Assisted Life Coaching: $175 Per 60 Minute Session

A portion of proceeds go directly to supporting horse care and board.

We also offer sliding scale rates for those who are in financial hardship and Superbills in order to access Out Of Network insurance benefits. Service fees are subject to change.