Specialty Areas
LGBTQIA+ Affirmative Care

Our LGBTQIA+ Affirmative Care includes care for the whole sexuality and gender spectrum. We see the entire spectrum of queer identities as valid, and seek to help our clients live authentically within their identity. For those seeking gender affirmative care, care also can include referrals to medical resources for gender health care (Hormone Replacement Therapy, Hormone Blockers, Gender Affirmation Surgeries, etc).

While we do not consider ourselves experts in the following, we also welcome those who identify as ethically non-monogamous, polyamorous, and kink-oriented.

Trauma Informed Care

Our trauma informed care includes both "Capital T" traumas (trauma as a result of assaults, accidents, natural disasters, etc), along with relational trauma (trauma that comes from unhealthy, abusive, or painful family, romantic, or other interpersonal relationships). Our trauma informed modalities include Compassionate Inquiry, Internal Family Systems, and EMDR.


With trauma, it is also common to experience anxiety, depression, substance use, legal concerns, interpersonal concerns, school and work concerns as side effects. We support with these types of concerns as well.

Forest Road


Book with Rae or Angela. Most sessions are currently being held online, with limited office availability. For ages 12+.


$200 for 50 Minutes

Forest Road


Book with Rae or Angela. All ages welcome. Available as an adjunct service to individual therapy. 


$200 for 50 Minutes

Horse Legs

Equine Assisted
Life Coaching

Angela is the GNEC equine provider. Ranch location: Malibu. Ages 18+. See description below.  


$225 for 60 Minutes

Limited sliding scale slots are available for those in financial hardship.
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Equine Assisted Life Coaching

Equine Assisted Life Coaching is available for ages 18+ and is a supplemental service to individual therapy. Are you interested in a unique healing experience on an ocean view ranch in Malibu? Equine Assisted Life Coaching holds a variety of opportunities in connecting with your inner child, your inner playfulness and innocence, increasing your own self awareness, and learning to enhance your communication in relationships through working with the horses. A portion of the fee goes directly to horse care and horse supplies for Connemara Ranch.

Note: Closed toed shoes and long pants required. Some combination of sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat and protective clothing are suggested. Bring any water or snacks. Previous experience with horses not required. Equine Assisted Life Coaching is not a trail ride experience, but trail rides can be booked with Talley at Connemara Ranch directly. Availability depends on ranch schedule and sessions will be canceled during rain or other unsuitable conditions. Please expect to get a little dirty and dress in clothing that you can be active in. Additional liability releases will be signed at the ranch. Ages 18 and younger or those with incompatible schedules with Angela may book equine services through Connemara Ranch directly.