Rae Amirian LCSW

LCSW #88573

Pronouns: They/She

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and received a Master of Social Work with a concentration in Mental Health from the University of Southern California. I have treated children, teens, and young adults struggling with depression, anxiety, substance use, past trauma, and those wanting to further explore their sexual orientation and gender identity.


Prior to private practice, I mainly worked with foster youth and adoptive families in community mental health and school settings. I have also facilitated groups for teens and young adults who identify as LGBTQ+ and have been through trauma. I am fully trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), TF-CBT (Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), Seeking Safety, and SPARCS (Structured Psychotherapy for Adolescents Responding to Chronic Stress). I believe that in order to feel at ease and live authentically, we need to heal our wounds. Sometimes this can be scary and together we can unearth your full potential and help you move forward. I want to help you feel comfortable with yourself and the life you envision living. Through mindfulness and art therapy techniques, we can work together to bring awareness to your mind, body, and spirit. Together, we can change thought patterns that may be holding you back from feeling joy and continue the healing process.

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Angela Shankman LCSW

LCSW #88574

Pronouns: She / Her 

Hi there, my name is Angela! I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and received a Master of Social Work with a concentration in Mental Health from the University of Southern California. I specialize in working with young adults and older teenagers who have experienced trauma, substance use and addiction, and care for those who are LGBTQIA+ including gender diverse individuals. I am queer myself and love to work with others in the queer community. Many of my clients have traits of Highly Sensitive People, have people pleasing tendencies, and are looking to gain perspective and build more confidence in navigating their world. I provide care from a LGBTQIA+ affirmative, anti-racist, social justice oriented lens. Prior to private practice, I worked in addiction treatment centers, working with teens and adults on probation, and school settings.


I offer sessions via telehealth, in office, and equine assisted life coaching sessions in Malibu. My goal is to provide a safe, casual, comfortable space for healing. For those interested in mind/body work, I use the Compassionate Inquiry approach, which helps to nuture the mind/body connection, connect how early childhood experiences have shape our current behavior, explore how current perceptions have shaped us, and understand more deeply how generational and cultural experiences have shaped us. I also utilize Internal Family Systems, which is a model that helps us to understand the different parts of ourselves. I am fully trained in Compassionate Inquiry, and am IFS Level 1 trained through the institute. My sessions are completely lead by where my client wants to do work on any given day. The flexibility to meet you where you are on any given day is very important to me so that you can participate in the work that is most beneficial to you in the moment.