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LGBTQIA+ Affirmative Trauma Therapy in Agoura Hills, California

Queer therapy by queer therapists

It has been a journey to get you here. As a queer person, you've had to carry a lot on your own just to get by. This has its pros and cons- you have been extremely independent, which is glorified a lot in this society. It has gotten you this far, but this level of independence gets heavy and lonely.

In navigating all the hurdles of the queer experience, you have become quite perceptive. You are self aware (possibly to the point where your inner critic has become too powerful) and also pretty aware of what's happening internally for others. It's a lot to sit with alone.


And because of all of your own pain that you've navigated already, you are quite empathetic and take care of a lot of the people in your own life. But you never quite get that emotional support you are needing in return.

Because of all of these qualities above, your internal world is a busy place, and it's not always a pleasant place to be. Even though you're pretty self aware, you're at a place where you are looking for some support putting some more of the pieces of your experiences together. You're looking for more clarity on why you feel and behave the way you do, and a place to process everything you've gone through. 

You are ready to prioritize yourself & your healing journey so you can move forward.

We provide LGBTQIA+ affirmative therapy through a trauma informed, non-pathologizing (aka: we believe your nervous system is reacting this way for a valid reason), strengths based lens. We provide you (or perhaps a loved one) with a safe, nonjudgmental space to help you understand your unique experiences and engage you in deep healing work. We would be honored to be with you during your journey of healing, growth and empowerment.

Please Note: As you may know, therapists in the U.S. are licensed by state. We are only licensed in California, meaning we can only see clients who currently live in California. Sessions are available in person or over Zoom.


LGBTQIA+ Affirmative Care

As queer individuals ourselves, we know how important it is for a therapist to understand and affirm your queer experience. 

Trauma Informed Care

Whether or not the challenges you have faced "clinically count" as trauma, we can support you in better understanding your experiences and moving forward.


Sub Specialties

If a LGBTQIA+ affirmative trauma therapist sounds like it could be a good match for you, you may also notice yourself using a lot of other words to describe your mental health experience. We frequently support clients who are experiencing, identifying with or seeking...

Deeper healing work
Highly Sensitive people
& Empaths
& People pleasing
Tension in

Service menu

Individual &

Ages 12+. Both in person and online therapy available. Book with Angela or Rae.

Fee: $200 per 50 minute session

Equine Assisted
Life Coaching

Ranch location: Malibu. Available in addition to individual therapy. Book with Angela. 

Fee: $225 per 60 minute session


Available in person or online.

Book with Rae. 

Fee: $1200 per evaluation

Limited sliding scale (reduced fee) slots are available for those experiencing financial hardship.

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